GCSS-Army Logistics System Program Support

Global Combat Supply System Single, or GCSS-Army, is a fully integrated logistics management system that replaces more than a dozen legacy Army Standard Management Information Systems (STAMIS).  The program’s focus is on logistics, tactical applications, supplies and materials.  The end users of GCSS-Army are typically logistic soldiers tasked to support Army combat units, DOL organizations providing installation support and maintenance support activities National Maintenance Program.

A single Army Logistics enterprise provides a single, accessible view of core transactional and authoritative logistics data. It will provide:

  • Immediate logistics readiness status for Commanders (WAVE 2 Capability)
  • Timely and accurate in-transit visibility of assets
  • Supply status detail of in-bound deliveries Improved readiness reporting (WAVE 2 Capability)
  • Replenishment of supplies and equipment via integrated end-to-end business processes
  • Capability to track logistics operations costs
  • Logistics financial reporting and transparency of logistics operations

The Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) Program in Richmond, VA at Ft. Lee.   The software has been developed by PEO-EIS PM-GCSS-A and our industry partner, Northrup Grumman, to support the logistics of the warfighter.  The program is bring delivered across two waves and each wave into fielding groups:

  • Wave 1 – Finance and SARSS
  • Wave 2 – PBUSE and SAMS-E, which includes all STAMIS

VersaPro group supports new equipment training, organizational enablement in wave deployments and fielding groups, data cleansing of FCM transactions, clearing of failed FCM iDocs, establishing total cost of ownership based on MTOE/TDA data, establishing property accountability and aligning operations into multiple DODAACs.

We add value for our customers by providing the following services in support of GCSS-Army

  • Deployment Management
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Data cleansing, data migration
  • User access management
  • GCSS-Army Communications
  • Establishing and enable power/super users
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)/Data Management
  • Motorpool Operations Training
  • Inventory, Ordering, Work Orders Training
  • New Employee GCSS-A New Equipment Training
  • Training scoping, development and delivery
  • Creating job aids, CONOPs and user guides for system processes
  • Deploying EPILOGUE for training materials
  • Enabling Audit Compliance
  • Help desk operations

VersaPro works with government contractors, like FEDSIMS OASIS contractors, involved in ARMY logistics contracts to teach their staff GCSS-A to enable motorpool operation, open and close work orders, perform turn ins, assist PBOs, open and close inventories, perform cycle counts and enable contractors to perform ARMY logistics operations.

We would love to share a white paper on our GCSS-Army deployment work.  Please request the white paper and contact us to start a conversation.

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