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VersaPro is an expert in software deployments and organizational change management.  A new software or an untrained workforce can increase the demand on your help desk, slow productivity, as well as cause more rework and expose your enterprise audit liabilities.

To achieve effective user adoption you need effective users.  Don’t make your users work to get what they need.  The challenge is to make it effortless.

Through our mission to provide high quality software deployments we utilize an application called Epilogue Systems.  Epilogue Systems is the very best employee performance support platform available.  It provides context based training in any web or application based software at the moment the employee needs it; while they are working in your new or existing applications.  Imagine lower initial training costs, lower frequency of training related help desk tickets and a quicker rate of software adoption across your enterprise applications.

Through Epilogue implementations we’ve seen a cost reductions:

  • Reduce documentation time up to 90%.
  • Reduce training time up to 50%.
  • Reduced help desk volume up to 40%.

Epilogue is broken up into three components that can be summarized into create, manage and enable:

  • Epilogue Author – The author creates the context based training through “recordings.”  Recordings are turned into job aids in Microsoft Word for any editing or modifications.
  • Epilogue Publisher – Manages training content through review, approval workflows, publishing and relevancy through its lifecycle.  See what content is being used most, review feedback and push out live updates to Epilogue Advisor.
  • Epilogue Advisor – The advisor helps users adopt to new applications by providing effortless context based training, job aids, business process flows, access to FAQs and WIKIs.

The three components work together to manage your application enablement through its full lifecycle.

epilogue wheel

A helpful demo shows how easy it is to use the three components of Epilogue in your enterprise.

Another demo shows how easy it is for your employees to use Epilogue Advisor during their regular work day.  This demo shows job aids, simulations, context based help and other valuable features of Advisor.

Another demo shows training materials for Defense Travel System, or DTS.

This demo shows training material that was created for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The following demo highlights how Epilogue can be used to create training content in Oracle Financials ERP, DAI ERP or DEAMS ERP.

Lastly, here is a training video demonstrating that Epilogue can great simulations and learning materials for SAP applications in portal or GUI.

You may also download examples of the training documents or standard operating procedures.

DAI OTL – Create New Workflow Vacation Rule-BPP
Create New TDY Voucher-BPP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Create a Lead-BPP

Download example Epilogue Simulations for an Oracle Federal Financials deployment, a Microsoft Dynamics deployment and an SAP deployment.  To see more then start a conversation with us below.

VersaPro is very proud to be a reseller of Epilogue Systems through the GSAadvantage program. This program enables thousands of potential customers in federal agencies, state and local governments to purchase the very best context based performance support software.  The GSA Advantage program can be used by:

  • Federal Agencies
  • State and Local governments entities eligible include: States, counties, municipalities, cities, towns, townships, tribal governments, public authorities, school districts, colleges and other institutions of higher education, council of governments, regional or interstate government entities, or any agency or instrumentality of the preceding entities, and including legislative and judicial departments.

We also offer rapid distribution to private industry.  To discuss rates with our sales staff, use our helpful contact form below.

To begin a discussion about reducing your software adoption and training costs, let us know a little about you.

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