GFEBS Program

The General Fund Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS) is a web-enabled enterprise resource planning system that allows the U.S. Army to share financial, cost, asset, and reporting data across the Army. With more than 79,000 end users at more than 200 Army financial centers around the world, GFEBS is one of the world’s largest enterprise financial systems, managing approximately $140 Billion in spending by both the Active and Reserve Components. The system has standardized transactional input and business processes across the Army to enable cost management activities; provide accurate, reliable, and real-time data; and tie budgets to execution. For the first time, the Army has a single authoritative source for financial and related, non-financial data for its entire General Fund (system of record).

VPG was one of the largest subcontracting companies to PM-GFEBS. VPG resources have trained an estimated 40,000+ GFEBS end users at over 200 ARMY locations through 8 waves of training. VPG led the “train the trainer” classes to scale up the GFEBS training team to 80 professionals. VPG resources trained over 2,000 power users for the ARMY GFEBS program.

Our company’s leadership includes the former GFEBS End-User Training Lead, Power User Training Lead and the GFEBS Deployment Lead. VPG continues to support financial management missions at SOUTHCOM, JPEO-CBD and PEO-IEWS, CECOM and ATEC.

VPG adds value for their customers by providing the following services:

  • Deployment Management
  • Audit Compliance Management
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Data cleansing, data migration
  • User access management
  • GFEBS Communications
  • Establishing and enable power/super users
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)/Data Management
  • Training scoping, development and delivery
  • Creating job aids, CONOPs and user guides for system processes
  • Help desk operations

VPG would like to share a white paper regarding our work with GFEBS.  To request the white paper and start a conversation please contact us.

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