VersaPro Group (VPG) is an expert in ERP implementations and support since 2008. VPG is currently engaged in several such projects for federal government agencies and private industry.

We have been supporting the deployment of the following systems in CONUS and OCONUS locations since 2009.

  • US Army’s General Fund Enterprise Business System [GFEBS]
  • US Army’s General Fund Enterprise Business System – Sensitive Activities [GFEBS-SA]
  • US Army Logistics Modernization Program [LMP]
  • US Army’s Global Combat Supply System [GCSS-A]
  • DoD’s Defense Agencies Initiative [DAI ERP]
  • Air Force Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System (DEAMS)

Our experience in training, developing, deploying, supporting and improving the use of DOD’s ERPs provides relevant and uniquely qualified experience to support complex ERP implementations by improving the utilization, performance and audit compliance of their financial management tools.

Since 2009 VersaPro has trained a large portion of the DOD’s financial leaders on the new suite of financial management tools. We helped to develop the business processes, FIAR audit compliance initiatives and battle books used in budget offices, accounting offices, FOBs, SCOs and MILGROUPs. VersaPro is uniquely qualified to support public agencies and private industry missions to adopt, utilize and master their new financial tools.

Our team of high performing professionals have also worked in ERP software, custom application development, COTS deployments for clients in automotive, finance, petroleum, health care, manufacturing and distribution.


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